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Our Goal

Enrich learning through accessible and relevant experiences Enhance student engagement through learner support.
Model persistence, completion, and excellence in learning. Support professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, and administration Recognize and reward employee excellence Community Enrichment: Advocate cultural and economic diversity Build bridges from education to employment Make Lee College the preferred provider for training and workforce partnerships. Strengthen cultural initiatives that promote an enlightened community Foster a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement.


This paramedical service run by social welfare improvement  society will offer its student to gain advance education & strong knowledge in vital field of health care in modern world paramedical service has emerged as an important branch of medical science


Our Institute- “Paramedical Health care” is detected to providing excellence in biomedical education, basic and clinical research, quality patient care and services to improve the health of the citizen of India and beyond. The Institute is committed to the education and training of students in paramedical, physical therapy and research technology. We will recruit and develop faculty to serve as exemplary role models for our students.

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